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We use the publishing system A.W.A.C.S
2000-04-14 18:20:00 : Odd Benestad d.y
To be able to publish articles, news and pictures on the web while beeing abroad, one need a tool to do the work. A.W.A.C.S is such a tool.
A.W.A.C.S is a module based publishing system programmed in Perl, and at this point of time it consists of four modules, the main module, the pullout module, the ticker module and the quote module.

This site use all of the four modules. The main module is used to control and update the content of the site. The pullout module is used to present the content on the web. The ticker module is used to provide shortcut links to the articles usually on the right side of the pages, and the quote module is used on the main page to provide the quote of the day and a picture of mother earth. To see how it works in practice, you can see the source of this page. In every place A.W.A.C.S provide the content, it is clearly stated so in the source.

If you are interested in learning more about the system, and all of its capabilities feel free to follow this link Araenus AS

Below you will find links to other sites using A.W.A.C.S.

Araenus AS
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Stavne Gård
2004-07-08 03:52:00
Progreso, Uxmal and Kaba
2004-07-05 00:31:00
Chichén Itzá
2004-07-03 00:55:00
Playa del Carmen - Basecamp
2004-06-27 00:40:00
The City of Atlanta
2004-06-22 15:29:00
New Orleans - Party town.
2004-06-09 20:20:00
Mexico summer 2004
2003-07-13 11:23:00
Dubrovnik - The pearl of the Adriatic
2003-07-07 20:40:00
Hvar Island
2003-07-07 20:38:00
Split - The Adriatic coast
2003-07-07 20:37:00
Zagreb - The capital of Croatia
2003-07-07 20:34:00
Budapest - The capital of Hungary
2003-07-02 19:01:00
Bratislava - a beautiful city
2003-07-02 18:55:00
Oswiecim - Auschwitz and Birkenau
2003-06-25 00:22:00
Wieliczka - Saltmine
2003-06-25 00:19:00
Then Krakow