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JVC GR-DVX70A Digital Video Camera
We use the JVC GR-DVX70A as digital video camera.
Read more about the cam...
The Point Where Digital Converges

At JVC, digital convergence isn't just a catchphrase - it's a real-life occurrence. Our new GR-DVX70 not only offers the excellent quality of DV digital recording technology, it also provides a vast array of digital interfacing possibilities to let you move your clips & shots to where you want to have them, quickly & easier before. And its compact size lets you take it wherever you want, whenever you want. Digital quality. Digital versatility. With the GR-DVX70 Digital DualCam, unlimited possibilities converge in the world's smallest digital video camera.

High-Resolution Digital Recording

The DV Format's 4:2:0 digital component recording enables 500 lines of horizontal resolution, while a colour bandwith that's approx. 3 times that of deliver breathtaking ours. And sounds are also recorded with CD-level audio quality.
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2004-07-08 03:52:00
Progreso, Uxmal and Kaba
2004-07-05 00:31:00
Chichén Itzá
2004-07-03 00:55:00
Playa del Carmen - Basecamp
2004-06-27 00:40:00
The City of Atlanta
2004-06-22 15:29:00
New Orleans - Party town.
2004-06-09 20:20:00
Mexico summer 2004
2003-07-13 11:23:00
Dubrovnik - The pearl of the Adriatic
2003-07-07 20:40:00
Hvar Island
2003-07-07 20:38:00
Split - The Adriatic coast
2003-07-07 20:37:00
Zagreb - The capital of Croatia
2003-07-07 20:34:00
Budapest - The capital of Hungary
2003-07-02 19:01:00
Bratislava - a beautiful city
2003-07-02 18:55:00
Oswiecim - Auschwitz and Birkenau
2003-06-25 00:22:00
Wieliczka - Saltmine
2003-06-25 00:19:00
Then Krakow