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The City of Atlanta
2004-06-27 00:40:00
After seven hours on the Interstate in a rented Ford Trailblazer, we at last entered the city of Atlanta.
On the road we tested out the restaurants by the roadside, like we have seen in the Hollywood movies. Our choice was the Waffles House, and it was just like it.

When we first saw the city of Atlanta, we were amazed with both the tall buildings and the big road network with six lanes in each direction.

We then reached our destination where we should stay in Atlanta, the place where the brother of Lars, Torleif, works, the Grand Hyatt Hotel of Atlanta.

We got the keys to our rooms, put down our backpack gear, it didn't exactly fit in those splendid rooms, or a more appropirate description is a suite, and then we headed stright down to the lobby to meet Torleif.

We where off to a grill party at his managers place. Very pleasant people, very nice food, and a grill like no other we have ever seen, The Green Egg. Sorry no picture of that.

The next day was purposed to shopping, and the Lennox center was just the place. It was huge, and even had some nice shops for male shoppers aswell. We used the day, but the outcome when it comes to shopped items was poor.

The CNN Center was the big event. We had to take a picture in front if the building before we entered, and the we signed up for the CNN studio tour. Of course taking pictures was not allowed, but it was a very interesting tour and recommendable.

The highest building in Atlanta is the Westin Tower, and it reaches 220m towards the sky. We took the outside lift to the top, a cost of US$5, a total rip off, but a beautiful view.

In the evening we went to a nice restaurant named, Fogo de Châo, a brazilian restaurant with red and green cards, red when you don't want more meat and green when you want. A very nice meal, whith a delicate salat bar and as much meat as you manage to eat.

We ended the evening with some drinks at a bar named Sambuca. The bartender here really knew how to make drinks. Highly recommended. What shocked us as native Norwegians where US drinking and car driving. Some people where so drunk they almost didn't find the hole for the ignition key, but still they drove car.

We went home early to prepare for Mexico.
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