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Arequipa - we're getting higher
2000-08-04 21:00:00
After 620 kiklometers with desert and almost nothing to see, we were pleased to finally arrive in the beautiful town Araquipa 2325m above sea level.
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We were a little bit excited about how we would react to the altitude, and in the beginning we didn't feel anything at all. So, we checked in at our hotel St. Felipe Real, and after that we sat down at a cozy restaurant at the Plaza de Armas for a little snack. The mountain behind the plaza is the El Misti, a volcanic mountain with a height of 5845 m above sea level. They arrange trekking tours up to the summit of this mountain, but you need seven days of acclimatization before you can participate, so it was a little bit disappointing.

At nine o'clock we met Kris at the Plaza, and he had of course managed to get himself a very low budget hotel for 12 Solas a night. He had already paid for his ticket to Puno and La Paz, so that meant we had to have a last dinner together. After dinner we went to a pub, because Kris really wanted us to expirience Penja a live performance with local music.

In the evening we all started to feel the height a little bit. The heart was beating faster, the breath was different, and we all had a little headache. Due to this, we went early to bed, also because we had to get up early the next morning for the Colca Canyon Expidition.
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