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The journey from Lima to Nazca.....
2000-08-02 19:46:00
We were picket up by our private driver outside our Hotel at 09.30. The plan was to go all the way to Nazca, which is a total drive of about 450Km.
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Our driver Jesus, a big time smoking, coca chewing nice guy, picked us up at our hotel as arranged. So, sofar it's thumbs up for Inka Wasi company. We headed towards Nazca on the Pan American highway. The road was in fact in quite impressive condition, and Jesus proved to be an excellent driver.

On the way we stopped at at local vineyard, for test tasting the local brew. We use the word brew, because that's the very best way to describe it. Anyway, we ended up with buying two bottles of this stuff, and we have decided to write it on the account for stupid tourist actions. But the main attraction for us was a red wine fountain. Maybe something new for the office...

After trying to enjoy the local wine and pisco (The local moonshine), we headed again towards Nazca. The next stop on our way was the centre of Pisco, and then at the Plaza de Armas. As we all are reading the Celestine Profecy on this trip, what happened didn't shock us. We should rather say of course, we met Kris again, and yes the picture was taken without knowing that it's infact Kris on the picture. Just coming out from nowhere (now here), and he was of course heading in our direction so we offered him a lift. Nice to have a spanish talking cozy man in the car. Jesus is happy too, because now he has someone to conversate with. And, of course we mentioned that our driver is coca chewing. We made him offer a round in the car, and I have never felt more comfortable with my star sign which is the Taurus. After his offer of coca to us, he made a quick stop again, just to bring back a big bag of coca leaves.

The next stop was the oasis at Huacachina near Ica (We are not referring to the Norwegian supermarket chain). A fantastic place with sand dunes and sand mountains all around. The lagoon is featured on the back of the 50 Solas note (The local currency). The colour of the water was really brown, but it is said to have curable properties. The temperature was around 25 degrees and the sun was shining from a clear blue sky. Here we sat down at the restaurant Moron (Yes, the name suits them) to have some beer and lunch. The beer glasses seemed as often for a Norwegian to be a joke, so we asked for the mugs instead. We ordered Lomo saltado, which is a highly recommendable dish, and was quite impressed that they only needed one and a half hour to prepare it. This of course gave us the oppurtunity to bargain a little bit, and we ended up with free Mate de Coca (Coca tea) for everyone. This tea is a universal cure for almost any problems, and it tasted good too.

After this we drove directly to Nazca, and was quite surprised about how quickly it became dark. A good business oppurtunity is to start to sell refleks (Reflection plates for use in darkness) down here. It is very difficult to see dark skinned people in total darkness, especially with the headlights on the cars down here. We ended up in Nazca at around eight o'clock, and people coorperating with Inka Wasi met us as we arrived. So, once again thumbs up for this company.

Tomorrow we will take a plane to see the Nazca lines, and we are all looking forward to it.
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