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The centrum of Lima and an interesting meeting.....
2000-07-31 00:23:00
Before we headed towards the centre of Lima, we had an interesting meeting with a travel agent recommended by the tourist information at the airport.
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He represented the company Inka Wasi, and was a very pleasent person. Within an hour he had helped us planning the important main events for our journey in Peru, and made reservations and booked hotels where neccesary. If this doesn't turn out to be as nicely as he has arranged it, we will change the name of the company to Inka Kwasi. But, we will be back with a full report on his arrangements, so it will either be a thumb up or a thumb down.

Then we headed for the centre, and after a little bargain with the taxidriver, he drove us to Plaza de Armas in the centrum for 6 Sl. It's a beautiful place, and almost worth the trip itself. It is declared as a part of the cultural inheritance by UNESCO. Here you can see some more pictures from the Plaza de Armas.

After enjoying the park and the surrounding buildings, we headed down the main shopping strret. We entered several shops to investigate pricelvels and assortment, and was amazed. Some shops had the same assortment as shops at home, and pricelevels where pretty equal on electronic equipment, but clothes were cheap. After some time, Hege turned out to be the Shopping Queen with the purchase of a sweather.

After some time we occasionally ended up in Limas official football pub. All the chairs had names of famouse football players engraved on the back. We reckognized this after a while, and the surprise was big when Odd's chair had the inscription T. A. Flo. A very nice place, with affordable prices and according to Lars and Odd, very sweet waitresses. Their interest in these waitresses and especially Evelyn, resulted in a red card.

After this we headed back to the hotel to write a small summary of the days events, and then afterwards go out to grab something to eat. As the only one who didn't drink Inca Kola, Lars just passed out in Odd's bed.

Tomorrow we're really starting on our journey. At ten o'clock we will be picked up by our private driver, arranged by Inka Wasi, and he will first drive us to Ica where we will have wine tasting, and then to Nazca to see the Nazca lines.
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