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Split - The Adriatic coast
2003-07-07 20:38:00
We worried a little bit about getting a place to stay in Split, but we were hijacked as soon as we left the train.
We left for Split in the evening by night train and tickets for sleeping wagons. As we approached Split we were servered Turkish coffe for 10 Kuna a cup, which we of course thought where included in the ticket. Some people never learn.

As soon as we left the train at the station we were hijacked by a man who offered us accommodation. We followed him to his place and had to wait for half an hour as the persons already living there where packing their stuff to leave. It showed that they where Norwegians too. We ended up by staying there, and it was pretty ok.

Split is the largest Croation city on the Adriatic coast. It is the heart of Dalmatia and is sheltered from the open sea by many islands. Ferries to these islands are constantly coming and going. The city itself is spectacular, a mix between ruins and functional buildings, narrow streets and open areas paved with marble. It is no problem understanding that this city has had major impact once upon a time. The city is also surrounded by fortress walls, but some have collapsed. Inside some of these walls there were big, curved corridors occupied with people selling stuff.

Slip is a harbour city, and beside just the harbour it has a lot of beaches. Since this was our first expirience of coastline so far one the journey, we were all excited about breathing the fresh sea air and going to the beach. Well, not all of us did swim this day, but the beach facility had enough of other things to offer anyway. We also ate a very nice lunch here, at a nice restaurant on the third floor with a view to the beach.

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2003-07-13 11:23:00
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