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Hvar Island
2003-07-07 20:40:00
Hvar Island is called the Croatian Madeira, and it is said that this island recieves more sunshine than anywhere else in the country.
We took the ferry fro Split to Hvar, and we had already been hijacked for accommodation on the ferry itself. After what the lady told us, it sounded pretty good and we decided to go along. When we arrived her husband was waiting with his Limousine to greet us and bring both us and the backpack to the house.

After settling in with our stuff, we went down to the local supermarket and did some shopping. For the first time on the journey we had our own kitchen, and now we should make our very own breakfast.

After the breakfast we walked down to the beach. A pretty clumsy way, but a very nice beach indeed and salty and bluegreen clear water. As we walked down to the beach, a Canadair plane was busy trying to put out a forestfire raging on top of a hill. It was quite amazing seeing live how efficient these planes fill up their huge tanks with water as they gently touch the sea surface. The beacon outside the beach was so nice it deserves a picture of its own without the plane.

After swimming and sunbathing for quite a while, we decided to head home, but another way than we arrived. We got a little bit lost as we had to walk through som forest without either path or track, but we found a beautiful view.

Since we where by the sea, seafood should aboslutely be on the menu. We had almost not tasted fish so far on the journey. We found what we thought looked like a real good seafood restaurant, ordered some seadfood plates and ended up with the worst and on top most costly meal so far. If you ever visit Hvar, keep away from this restaurant, both service and food are bad, at least to our expirience.

On the hill high above Hvar town is a Venetian Fortress from 1551.The fort was buildt to defend Hvar from the Turks. Some cannons are still there, eventhough they are not in a very good shape. First you will have to walk some stairs, and then as you approach the first Fortress gate the stairs dissolves into a small road that crawls up the hill. The climb is simply worth it, both for the panoramic view at top, but also for the beautiful scenes you expirience on the way up.

The town in itself is pretty small, but cozy and nice. The streets are narrow, but you also find open spaces and nice walking roads by the sea. The sunset can be very beautiful, and we got one at least.
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2003-07-13 11:23:00
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