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Dubrovnik - The pearl of the Adriatic
2003-07-13 11:23:00 : Odd Benestad d.y
Dubrovnik is our last stop on this East Europe trip, and what an all time high it was !
Founded 1300 years ago by refugees from Epidaurus in Greece, medieval Dubrovnik (Ragusa until 1918) shook off Venetian control in the 14th century and became one of the Venices more important maritime rivals, trading with Egypt, Suryua, Sicily, Spain, France and later Turkey. The double blow of an eartquake in 1667and the opening of the new trade routes to the east sent Ragusa into a slow decline. ending with Napoleons conquest of the town in 1806.

The deliberate and military pointless shelling of Dubrovnik by the Yugoslav army in 1991, sent shockwaves trhough the international community, but when the smoke cleared in 1992, traumatised residents cleared the rubble and set about repairing the damage, with the substantial amount of international aid, the famous monuments where rebuildt and resculpted, the streets sealed and the clay roofs retiled. The reconstruction has been skillful done, but you will notice different shades in the tiles on the roofs as you walk around the city walls.
BR> We arrived in the Gruz harbour with the ferry Dubrovnik from Hvar, and checked the first recommended hotel Petka. It was full and our next choice was Lapad on the other side of the harbour. It's a little bit overpriced (60 Euro per person per night) in high seasons, but as deluxe backpackers we found the price reasonable for the last two nights.

After we checked in and put our bacpack stuff in the rooms, we took a taxi down to the Old City. We hade pretty high expectations for this city, but tried to repress them as good as we could to avoid beeing dissapointed. No point doing that at all. If you manage to be disappointed of this city you've got a serious problem

But when it comes to restaurants and bars, you have every reason to be on the alert. Hemingway bar is a disaster both with regards to the quality of the drinks and the price of them. (60 Kuna for a Long Island Ice Tea which tasted like nothing else than Rum and Coke), the same goes about a small restaurant named Adria, ordinary food with an insane price and bad service. But, with regards to service it is no problem realising that this city has to big a flow of tourists and knows it. Service is pretty bad all around, and we even had to leave places due to no service at all. Mea Culpa is an example of the opposite, good service, good prices and good food. (Very nice pizzaes for around 30 Kuna).

The walk around the city walls is a must. It was really hot, and if you want to take really good photos the time to do it should be around 18:00. Nevertheless, it is truly an amazing trip. It was buildt between 13th and 16th centuries and still intact. These powerfull walls are the finest in the world, and Dubrovniks main claim to fame. They are up to 25 meters high and over 2 kilometers long. The views all around are great, and the trip takes as long as you want.

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2003-07-13 11:23:00
Dubrovnik - The pearl of the Adriatic
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