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Costa Rica - second country
2002-07-08 10:06:00
After 7 hours on the Tica bus from Granada to San Jose, we arrived at last in the capitol of Costa Rica.
San Jose is not a place to stay for long, so we rented a car and went on our own to see this beautiful country. None of us had expected to find an Americanized capitol like this here.

The first place we went to was La Fortuna, the nearest village to the volcan Arenal (1633m). The vulcano was dormant until 1968, in that year huge explosions triggered lava flows that killed about 80 people. The vulcano is still active, and can be seen on clear days or at night as the hot lava colors the top of the volcano with stripes of red, and you can also hear stones tumbling down the sides. The weather Gods were not on our side so this is the only view we had. The volcano can be seen in the top middle.

When we arrived in La Fortuna we were very hungry, and stopped at a pizza place called Mamma Mia. They served real Italian pizza, which of course tasted real good. After this nice meal, we went to find a place to sleep. We checked in at Lougis Lodge. A nice place, with swimming pool and yacussie. We just loved it, both the girls and the gents. After the bath we all relaxed at the terrace outside our rooms. The place was so nice that Lars even kept the key to their room.

Next morning after a nice breakfast, we stuffed the car again and went to Montesuma on the pacific side for some beaching and seaside life.

On the road we went around Laguna de Arenal, a beautiful manmade lake. It was still foggy and rainy, so the view was reduced. The nature however is fantastic, flowers and green trees all over. At last we came on to the Pan America Highway 1, and headed for Puntarenas. The town looks dirty and worn out, and for us it was all about the ferry.

We were lucky, or as Odd always puts it: There is a purpose behind everything, the ferry was just about to leave when we arrived. The ferry took us to Paquera on the Peninsula de Nicoya. After recomandations we were looking forward to arrive in Montesuma, a very small village with beaches and sun, but before we arrived we watched a beautiful sunset on the ferry trip.
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