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Flying high through the jungle
2002-07-02 19:58:00
After a recomendation from Hostal Oasis, we got tickets for a Canopy tour trough the Mombotours agency.
The tour started with an information video, pretty bad but nothing compared to the roads. We bumped and humped for about 45 minutes up to the Curetti coffee plants. The view over Lago Nicaragaua was just beautiful. We then had to put on the Canopy gear, and then we where transported another ten minutes up to the Canopy starting point where we got some instructions. Canopy is climbing trees, climbing high trees, and then sliding from tree to tree on steel wires, just like Tarzan.

The course also included walking on steel slopes, climbing ladders, crossing dangerous bridges and ending it all with a fantastic rapelling. Everybody felt good and especially the instructor. We are sorry for the few pictures from this tour, but the weather did not permit.

It was without a doubt a great expirience and we all recomend it. We where all cured of fear of height, and it was truly an adrenalin kick. Just do it !
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