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San Juan del Sur
2002-07-02 19:51:00
A remote nice place, wich where recommended by several people, and of course we had to meet norwegians there.
We entered San Juan del Sur gracely in our Rocky 4WD, and confirmed yet once again that we are pretty out of high season. The streets where empty, and the beach as well. We had learned from the Lonely Planet that a Norwegian run a hotel in the town, and we of course had to visit the hotel Joxi. After entering the worn out hotel, we met norwegians who could inform us that the Norwegian that run the hotel had now retired and it was now managed by his younger Nicaraguan wife. We went down to the San Juan del Sur beach to have a small lobster apetizer, while Maia expirienced a bad stomach.

The Torkildsen family from Norway was on yet another visit to San Juan del Sur, to check out their Grand building project. They gave us the direction to the construction site, and told us there even was a nice restaurant there, eventhough they usually where the only guests.

After a bumpy ride on a bumpy road to Marsella, we found the restaurant. The directions along the road where good, but as we learned thay had to be, because this was the only site we could reach. The restaurant was of course empty, just as our Nowegians friends told us, since they where not there. Maia still expirienced stomach problems, and she had to leave the facilities when we ordered a grand garlic lobster meal.

We inspected the soon to be mansion of the Norwegians, and the lot had without doubt the best view you could get. The construction was still going on, and will still go on for a pretty long time. They expected to move in in september, but dream on. From the lot we had a beatiful view of the beach and the pacific ocean.

After a garlic high we felt ready to enter the Marsella beach in our Rocky 4WD, but the high was not higher than the wheels could get low. After two seconds with the instruction manual, we realized that we had a manual 4WD. We where shocked, switched the stuff on the wheels manually, and had to calm down in the Pacific Ocean.

We enjoyed the beach for some hours, before Maias stomach needed shadow. We then went back to Rivas trough some backroads which presented us with a nice view and some land crabs. They are as poison as the color they have.
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