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Around Granada - sights
2002-06-28 18:29:00
The sights around and in Granada arent too many, and we managed to visit most of them.
The volcano Masaya rises 632 meters and the Santiago crater is still active and pours out tons of sulphur at a dialy basis and is one of the greatest polluters in the area. The last dramatic erruption goes back to 1772, and in the old days they sacrificed young women and children by throwing them into the volcano to satisfy the Goddess of fire Chaciutique.

We also went to the near by village Catarina, which is known as a very nice place with an incredible view. We were a little bit unlucky with the weather, and missed the great outlook of Laguna Apoyo, Lago Nicaragua and Granada and had something nice to drink instead. But, it is supposed to be nice.

Then we decided to rent a car and got a 4WD Rocky, and this is something we truly recommend. The traffic is quite ok in Nicaragua, and its fun to use the horn as much as you are obligated to do here. We drove out to Laguna Apoyo which is a pretty remote site, but truly beautiful eventhough we where a little bit unlucky with the weather here as well. Eventhough its pretty remote, it exists a very nice restaurant here. After Laguna Apoyo we drove off to Masaya which is famous for the local handicraft. We bought some nice ceramic things, but skipped the Indiana Jones hat and the hairy cowboy boots.

On the way back to Granada, we took a small trip up to the fortress Coyotepe to enjoy the nice view. The weather God played on our side so we where able to have a nice view over the Mesaya city and the Masaya area, and you could even see the Lago Nicaragua. We even had a nice view of the car.The fortress was last used in the 1979 when the Somosa national guard opened fire at Masaya. The fortress itself is nothing much to see, but the view makes the effort worth while.

We then tried to drive up to the volcano Mombacho which rises 1344m, but cancelled on the way up due to the fact that we had to pay combined with mist that covered the top completely. Its supposed to be a beautiful viewpoint too.
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