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Granada - a sleepy but beautiful town
2002-06-28 16:27:00
When you arrive in Granada after a day in Managua you quickly understand the definition of a centrum, because Granada has one.
Granada was a surprise after Managua just by looking like a city with a centrum. The buildings in centrum are showing signs of age and lack of rehabilitation, but still they carry a sense of grace. The Central park is beautiful with the surrounding buildings and the cathedral, and it was also our first stop. You can see the volcano Mombacho in the distance.Minutes after we where picked up by the Oasis people.

From the Central Park goes a road called Calle el Caimito stright down to the beach, which is nothing more than ok. It's not recommended to bath there due to the pollution, eventhough citizens do so. A long the beach line there is a lot of discoteques which we never tried, but the saying is that the streets of Granada is empty in the evenings because everybody is either in a discoteque or at a pub. We tried the boat trip on Lago Nicaragua from Asese, and it was a booooring expirience. We all looked at eachother in the boat and said TT (Tourist Trap). The boats are going incredibly slow, and the worst part was without doubt on the way back to the harbour, when the exhaust from the engine moved faster than we did and we almost got carbondioxed. Later we were told that they move slow for a particular reason. They want the tourists to get frustrated and ask the driver to go faster. He will of course do that for some extra Cordobas.

A long the street Calle el Camito to the beach you will find a very cozy restaurant named Dona Conchis, and both the interiour and the food is excellent. The Brownies have to be specially mentioned, because none of us had ever tasted better. Along the street we also passed Tele Pizza, and eventhough we heared that it was possible to eat there, we never saw any signs of it. The name says it all, Tele Pizza, you phone and we bring service. We ordered a family pizza with everything on. The pizza was so good that if they made pizza like this in Norway, we would buy it there. Totally recommendable for sure. By the way, we ordered two family pizzas the next time, and that was enough for four people for sure.

The evenings in Granada are slow and easy, at least where we spent them, at Hostal Oasis just relaxing and sometimes a little bit more. The sounds at night are beautiful, and we even had a full moon night in the atrium at Oasis. Carlos showed us a place at the Hostal with a beautiful view, and we managed to capture this image of Granada by night.
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