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Hostal Oasis is just an oasis !
2002-06-25 16:15:00
Brought in directly from the street we met a hostal beyond our dreams.
When we arrived in Granada we stopped at the central park, and where sort of hijacked by some salesmen from this Hostal Oasis. They said a lot of nice things like free internet, swimming pool etc. etc. and we all were thinking yeah, yeah heard it all before. But we decided to go along and check it out.

The hostal is owned by Carlos and Maria, and when we arrived at the hostal we where met by Maria, an english speaking energetic woman who showed us around and told us about the place. And what a place it is. The hostal opened its doors to backpackers just a week ago, and everything is brand new. The rooms are modern with exclusive bathrooms. This is the hostal for backpackers and travellers who wants a little bit more for a good price.

Since this is a hostal the rooms are a little bit special. It's like sharing, and you decide with how many people you want to share or if you dont want to share at all. The clue is that a bed has a price tag, and the rooms have everything from 4 to 12 beds. So you can either share a room with 4 beds as a couple with another couple, or you can buy all the beds yourself and have the room alone and private. The big thing is that if you buy all the beds in a 4 bed room you will pay less than if you rent a double room in an ordinary hotel, and this is even more fun and the quality is higher, much higher.

The staff is something of its own. They are fresh as morning dewdrops, and they learn as they go. They are very eager to learn and to have inputs about everything that is not ok. One evening we ordered some Bloody Marys from the bar, and to be totally honest it was a disaster. We even got the correct recepie from the internet, but still it was not good. The very next day we discovered something new in the bar, and that was something that made us feel good. Carlos had a bartender course the very next evening. and do we need to say that the Bloody Mary was very good and tasty from that time on ?

Odd was even given the chance by Carlos to teach him how to make a Caipirinha, the national drink of Brazil, and with the movie Cocktail fresh in memory he entered the bar and pulled of his tricks. It worked well, and we all assume that Caipirinha is now gonna be on the Hostal Oasis bar menu. As Carlos put it, Maria really liked it and she is hard to satisfy drinkwise.

They even have their own brand new kitchen, and they make a lot of tasty and delicious courses. A nice swimmingpool is open all day long for guests, they have Playstation with games, a TV lounge with DVD and a lot of movies and to top everything off even a Pingpong table and electronic Dart. Every now and then they have Happy Hour which lasts three hours with drinks and appetizers to half prize, and the wallpaintings are just beautiful.

Did we mention internet ? At least for the time beeing the guest have access to four brand new computers with fast cable connection to internet for free, and that is something.

The stay at Hostal Oasis has been an utter pleasure. Everything has been a nice expirience due to the attitude of both owners, managers and staff. Its almost difficult to put the expirience into words, you just have to expirience it yourself. How often do you come across a company where the employees really show that they are proud to be working where they are ?

If you by any chance should visit Granada, pay the Hostal Oasis a visit and make your stay a pleasure !

Information about Hostal Oasis:
Calle Estrada No. 109
Phone: 552-8006
Owners: Maria and Carlos
Web site to be launched soon
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