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Managua - a place to pass through very quickly
2002-06-24 16:08:00
After yet another long flight from Houston we finally arrived in Managua, our final destination by plane for a while.
As everybody know, smoking are not allowed on flights, and smoking are not even allowed in the airports in US. Not even a single glass cage where the nicotin is dripping down in beautiful light brown pattern exist. So first about ten hour on plane from London to Houston without a cigarette, then about an hour at George Bush airport in Houston without a cigarette, and then a three hour flight to Managua without a cigarette. As you alle are starting to understand, it was an unbelievable expirience to have the first cigarette.

We took a cab to what was supposed to be the centrum of Managua, but it seemed more like a collection of small roads in bad condition with some houses scattered around. We found a beautiful hotel which was full, but we ended up eating a small meal there as the manager arranged room for us at a another hotell 100 meters up the road. Nicaraguans are a serviceminded people, so we where transported those hundred meters by car.

The hotel was ok, but totally overpriced and we ended up with a double room for 45US$. This seemed to be the standard rate for double rooms, but we would later discover it was the standard rate in Managua. The breakfast was however excellent.

The next day we wandered a little bit around what was called centrum, or a collection of roads. None of the roads have signs that tell the name of the street, so it is very easy to get lost. Counting roads is therefore essential to avoid getting lost. At last we ended up at a gas station, and gas stations are not like gas stations in Norway. Here they seem to be the real centrum with ATM machines and goods with pricetags on so you are able to establish a consept of the pricelevel in the country.

After a nice gas station meal, we hired a cab that first brought us to the hotel to pick up our backpakcs, and then drove us to Granada for 25US$.

After two minutes in Granada the conclusion was clear. If possible go stright to Granada and avoid Managua. The difference is just amazing, and Managua is really not worth either money nor time. Granada rules !
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