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London - the vacation has begun
2002-06-23 16:12:00
After a nice and quick flight from Trondheim to Heatrow via Oslo, we safely arrived in London after a very long taxidrive from the airport.
We are not sure if this kind of traffic is the ordinary stuff from Heatrow to London, but we would anyway advise people to use the train connection instead of the famous London cabs. It's cheaper and at least compared with our ride, quicker.

We where quite excited to see the hotel Russell at Worldwide Adventures had recommended us. So far everything had worked out great, but you never know when it comes to hotels. The hotel 10 Manchester Street met our expectations. It was very nnice, and we took a picture of the living room just to show you.

The rooms where quite nice too, and a strange detail was to have bathrooms with carpet on the floors, and even a sign to advise us to be cautioned.

After settling in at the hotel and leaving our backpacks there, we went out to check the town a little bit. We went down to Oxford Street which was only a few blocks away from the hotel. It was alot of shoppingmalls there, but the girls did NOT go inside. We went to find an english pub, just to feel the famous atmosphere. It was so crowded, we have to sit outside. The beer was however as good as expected. After some beers, we went down to Piccadilly Circus and in the distance we even saw the statue of Nelson at Trafalgar Square and a double decker bus at the same time. After the experience from last year from Thank Good its Friday in Bangkok, we just had to go inside when we found it in London, and the mugs was just as full and just as tasty as in Bangkok.

The next morning we even got to see the fotball match between England and Brasil in the World Cup from the hotel bed. Sorry to say, England lost that match. After the match, we went to Victoria station, took the train to Gatwik and we were ready for a long flight to Houston USA, and then to Nicaragua from there. We flew Continental airlines, and the plane was superb with a tv set in front of every seat. The food however was not so good, so after we landed in Houston Lars just had to order a real burger, so take a look at this very happy man.
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