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Montezuma - a small and beautiful town
2002-07-11 00:49:00
After we had been driving all day from Fortuna, we reached Montezuma by dark. The last few kilometers were on pretty dusty and bad roads, but we finally got there.
Just like popping out of the dark we reached Montezuma after some pretty steep downhill slopes. The town is very small, and its therefore fairly easy to navigate. We walked around for a little while, checked out some hotels and ended up with the one we parked next too when we arrived, Le Jardin. They rent out small cabins containing two doublerooms with a bathroom each and one terrace to share. So we in fact had our own home with our own parking lot.

We had heard a lot of the beaches at Montezuma, but we where all a little dissapointed. Firstly you had to walk some kilometers to get to the nice beaches, because the other ones where quite stony, and the kind of stones where dangerous combined with nice waves, as Lars and Odd expirienced. On the way to the beach we once again saw these redlegged crabs, which we have been told are poisiones. The beaches either contain grey sand or shell sand, and they stretch for as long as your eye can see. The water is very salty, and the temeprature was nice to bath in.

We had breakfast at the Swiss Bakery. They bake their own bread, the food is good and tasty and the price is ok. They also have some birds in the backyard that is quite astonishing. Lars suddenly had one on his back, and because Lars didnt do anything the bird picked him twice on the shoulder. Lars then picked up some bread, streched out his arm, and the bird moved out towards the palm and tossed the bread to the ground. Lars picked up some more bread and the same happened. So, when Lars then bowed down to pick up the bread from the floor, the bird quickly jumped to the table snapped the omelette and flew away. Who says birds are not intelligente ?

We also visited the Tres Colores and their Tuna salad is beautiful, just aswell as the atmosphere there in the evening, but mondays they are closed. The same can be said about the Shakes at Sano Banana. Very good, and two for breakfast can be recommended.

So, if we where not at the beach, or not at a restaurant eating and enjoying ourselves, we relaxed at our place, either in the hammocks or around the tables on the terrace. Since the cabinas are just above the mainstreet you have a good view over the city, and since the city is a pretty laidback city we just got laidback aswell. But, some nice flowers around the cabina deserved a picture eventhough.

After some pretty slow and relaxing days we started our journey to the other side of Costa Rica, the Carribian side and a place named Cahuita.
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