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Cahuita - the hidden paradise
2002-07-11 00:53:00
After crossing Costa Rica from Montezuma in the west to Cahuita in the east in one day, we arrived at something that turned out to be a very beautiful place.
The centrum of Cahuita is almost not present, with few and small roads and in general a worne out impression of houses. We first checked out Cabinas Palmer for a place to stay as it was recommended in the Lonely Planet. It was a truly rare expirience, and we have never smelled so much moist and fungus in a very long time. We just escaped the place looking for a place with AC, but where told again and again that AC didnt exist in Cahuita. We didn't believe it, but had to in the end and ended up at the entrance of the National Park at a place called Kelly Creek. A truly nice place, with big clean rooms with fan, a nice view and its own wild small zoo in the backyard with a couple of alligators and lizards. At the hotel they also had two dogs and a very nice parrot named Thomas who was pretty good at saying Hola !

Just outside the Kelly Creek, was the most beautiful beach you could imagine. Wonderful beaches coloured as creme Brulee as long as you could see, salty water and very nice waves. We saw a lot of small holes as we walked on the beach, but first after settling down we realized it was crab holes and they sort of popped up around us when we settled down. Funny small creatures they are.

After we had been in Cahuita for a day, Bjørn and Hege joined us after they had stayed almost three weeks traveling the US by car. We had already found a fantastic gourmet restaurant in this tiny, tiny town called Relax run by Serafino and his wife Graciela. We where sitting there eating when they arrived from San Jose by car. They dropped off their luggage, and soon joined us. The menu is fantastic, the coktail menu is ditto, the people who workes there is cozy and very clever and the price is ok. This is truly an expirience you cant miss, it is a must in Cahuita and never leave before you have tasted the cheesecake. We usually try different places to eat everyday, but at Cahuita we only tried another place once. It's just no need to change, thats how good they are.

Next morning it was raining cats and dogs, really cats and dogs and the humidity was so high that Odds computer in fact seemed to have a harddisk crash and the video camera to Bjørn also seized to work. So most of the day we where sitting under roof with not much to do, but as we did exactly nothing a lady approached us and asked us if we owned a green car, dut to the fact that she had hit it just a little bit with her four wheel motorbike. The small hit turned out to be a bigger one than we expected, and it completely changed our day. When you have an accident in Costa Rica you have to call bothe the police and an insurance number. Then two persons will show up after some time, and formes will be filled out. Without these forms you will have to cover the damage yourself even if it wasn't your fault. Well, everything turned out just fine.

We decided that if the weather was not very good the next morning we would return to San Jose, to arrange our trip to Panama. But the weather the next morning turned out to be as beautiful as you could ever imagine. We spendt the whole day at the beach bathing in both sea and sun. And we have to admit that the baches of Cahuita are truly better than those at Montezuma.

So, first the next day we drove back to San Jose.
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