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The Vinh Moch tunnels
2001-06-05 16:40:00
As part of the DMZ tour was the Vinh Moch tunnels.
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Due to an insanely bombardment around and above the DMZ zone, the Vietnamese dug out an enormous network of tunnels under ground. The US army shelled the areas with some 640 thousand tons of explosives, and you can still see the shell craters all around.

The Vinh Moch tunnel system, was carved out in the ground by around 250 people over a time period of 20 months. It is a very well preserved place, and has not been altered to meet the dimensions of tourists. The tunnels system consists of 3.8km of tunnels, divided in three different levels, of around 8m, 15m and 23m below the ground.

We entered one of the 13 entrances of the system, and strarted our tour of 35 minutes inside the tunnels. We where looking forward to feel some coolness inside the tunnels, but then again no. It was warm and humid as never felt before, and we where all soaking wet of swet when coming out again.

The tunnels are really amazing and big, going around in all directions.. Families seeking shelter here had their own caves, and 17 children are reported to have been borne here. They even had their own meeting hall, where 80 people could be at the same time.

After 35 minutes inside the tunnels, it was an amazing view outside, just what I wanted.

We then headed back fro Hue, but on the way we stopped at the bridge that marked the start of the DMZ. Here you also had a bunker that was used as a guard post during war time, and a memorial too.

The last stop before we came back was the skelton of a church, which the Vietnamese authorities wants to keep this way as a reminder.
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