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Hoian - the city of the tailors
2002-01-27 15:14:00
Hoian seems to be no more than a cozy city of tailors, and what bargains you can do !
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Hoian is a very cozy city, with nice restaurants and narrow streets filled up with cloth making companies.

We just spent a couple of days here buying tailor made clothes like suits, dresses, shirts and so on. It is incredebly cheap, and the handcraft is very proffesional.

It works like this. You enter the shop of your choice. You pick out the fabrics you like. You look in catalouges to find the costume you want. They take the measures they need of your body, and then you come back in some hours or the next day and viola ! You are trying the costume of your dreams, and to the price of your dreams too. If you have a costume you really want, bring pictures of it. In this area the word CopyCat really deserves its true meaning.

We ended up with new travelbags which we also bought very cheap, filled with suits, dresses, shirts, shorts and coats.

On one of our favourite places for beer we had a nice encounter with a real globetrotter from Austrailia. His name was Chris, and he told us a lot of nice stories.

We also strongly believe that we found the originating place for the Suse Linux distro. (Hehe)

After a couple of really nice days here, we took the bus to Na Trang. Bjorn and Hege wanted to take it a little bit slower, and would therefore stay some more days in Hoian, and we would meet again in Saigon.

This city is something you just have to expirience, and it should be considered a must if travelling in Vietnam.
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