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Na Trang - City of relaxation
2002-02-04 21:20:00
Na Trang is a slow city with nice beaches and restaurants. A perfect place to relax some days.
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We arrived in Na Trang after an incredible bus ride of many, many hours. We where exhausted, but the city still welcomed us with a nice atmosphere.

The first thing we signed up for was the famous boat trip with Mama Han. As it is stated in several books, the Mama Han trips are known to be wild parties with lot's of alcohol and pot smoking. No wonder we were all excited.

It turned out to be something completely different. The boat was ok, and the guide of the day also. They served two meals on the trip, one on top of the boat, a very nice lunch, and then a big fruit feast later on the main deck.

The peak for Lars on this trip was of course the floating bar, as he was the only one among the four of us who where willing to take a bath for som free sour wine. It even looked like he enjoyed it.

Meanwhile Maia got a nice massage on the top floor almost for free, and there was no doubt about her enjoyment.

We all had a bath earlier on the trip, diving to see all the nice small fishes in splendid colours. Unfortunately my camera is not waterproof, so I can't provide pictures of the event, only warm recommendations.

When talking about beaches you should be notified that there is a lot of beggars going around the beach, and it is really a pain in the ass. We did however find the solution, and the solution is The Rainbow Bar. The have their own private part of the beach, and it is a beggar free zone. But, be aware of their drinks. They are big, they are cheap, but they do not follow western receipts. We ordered big Long Island Ice Tea, but it didn't taste like it should. That's for sure.

The best place for partying was the Yacht Club, and of course we bumped into travelling friends again. Cozy and fun for sure, and we all had a brilliant evening.

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