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The DMZ tour
2001-06-05 16:34:00
The DMZ tour was a very intreresting expirience, due to a very good guide.
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We started of at six o'clock in the morning beeing picked up by a bus outside our hotel. We then drove back to the DMZ zone (De Militarized Zone) and took west. On this trip we had a fantastic guide, very much like a living encyclopedia, Mr. Hoang Hoa, and this trip is really as much worth as the guide.

We first stopped and looked at the US Rock Firebase. In fact not much too see, but a little interesting history behind it. This used to be a look out site for the Americans, and there where always 18 persons on duty here. One of them was Oliver North, and our guide was very proud when he showed a picture of himself guiding Oliver North around.

The next stop was the Keh Sahn combat base. Not very much left of it today, but you could still see the traces of an airfield of about 300 feet, that used to be covered with aluminium plates, and even Hercules planes landed here. The base was thought to be very important, as it was just beside the Ho Chi Minh trail which was used by the VC to transport goods and men. The US troops where eventually forced off the Keh Sahn base, at least according to the Vietnamese, and photos in the museum pretty much gave them right about that.

These sites where all located out in the Vietnam countryside, and here for the first time we saw the houses we have seen so often in movies about the Vietnam war.

The only things on the location of the Keh Sahn combat base, was a pretty small museum, a wreck of an US panzer vehicle and some local sales people who even had Dog Tags from US soldiers (Really morbid if you ask). Well, there was one thing more, a memorial stone, but even that one seemed to be giving up to hold the place.

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