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How to be fucked - twice
2001-05-28 00:28:00
The fuck word has a lot of meanings, but in Vietnam it just mean one thing.
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After we realized that the hotel boss had fucked us, Lars and Odd had a serious talk with him when we came back from Halong bay. He said that we overreacted, and that we got what we paid for. We talked to some other guests at the hotel, and it was obvious that we had paid at least 8-10 dollars too much for the hotel room. He explained that we had better rooms than the cheap ones; the only problem was that all the rooms were exactly the same.

The next evening we were pleased to leave Hanoi with the night-bus to Hue. Lars had specified that we wanted a good A/C buss. When we were waiting for the bus we wondered why 5 of the staff at the hotel were sitting in the lobby. The shock was written in all our faces when we saw the bus stopping to pick us up. Odd said to Lars:'If this bus has A/C why are all the windows open!' It was an old Japanese bus from the beginning of the eighties, probably given as humanitarian aid to the country.

The bus was packed with people and luggage, but at least there were six available seats for us. Hege and Bjorn got the best seats in the front of the bus so Bjorn had room for his feet. The buss had no A/C, all the windows were open including the front door, and still it smelled like a urinal on wheels. On the optimistic side, it was only 16 hours to Hue.

For the first few hours we sat in our small seats, did not say a word and we all new that this was going to be a night in hell. After two and a half hour the buss stopped at a resting place, and we all agreed that we were in 'the land of scams'. By the toilet rats as big as cats ran around and the smell....Pooohh...

The buss had to youngsters who drove on shift. We were lucky that the road did not allow traffic over 60 km/h. A long night transformed to a new day and we had still 6 hours to go. The bus drove straight to a bargain hotel. We found a ok hotel for $ 10 a night, and after a nice shower the tub was black of dust from the bus trip.
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