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HaLong Bay
2001-05-27 14:49:00
HaLong Bay is really something to be expirienced. A more beautiful sceneario is hard to imagine, drifting at sea on a boat looking at these wild limestone islands.
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HaLong Bay with lime stone islands is world known as a paradise. We departed from the hotel in a minibus with A/C reserved for only the 6 of us. After 160 km, 3 hours and a tourist trap, we finally arrived at Halong City. Lars announced the need for a pee stop and by accident they took us to a tourist trap where 'handicapped' children made stitching pictures.

We checked in to a hotel with fancy rooms, and walked down the street for a lunch at a local family restaurant (occasionally friends of our guide - hehe). The food was varieted - fried potatoes, rice, squid, fried fish and fried pork to share. In Norway this is known to be unhygienic, but we know it from Chinese food eating on television.

We had also reserved a boat for the 6 of us. First we arrived at some UNESCO world heritage caves. The climb up to these caves and the high humidity inside made us sweet like cats and dogs. After this it was obligated for a lot of us to take a bath. When we were bathing we understood why the nice lady on the boat came along. The boat where transformed to a local supermarket (one more tourist trap). Lars was bathing in his world famous green shorts that have been in all big parts of the world except Australia. Everybody agreed it was fabulous, and we already looked forward to the next day with a 6 hour trip to the Titop beach.

After dinner at the same restaurant we went to the beach for a grand drink. The beach in HaLong is not to recommend. Hege noticed that the sewer from the whole city ran straight into the sea with out cleansing. And the city was a really shithole. But the Tiger was the same - very good.

We got up early the next day for breakfast, ready for Titop beach. After a while the guide came, and told us about the plan for the day. It was not the promised Titop beach, but bathing in the sewer of the beach of HaLong City. After leaving the shithole, we had to visit at a 'pottely factoly'. We complained about the trip, argued with the guide, and he rang the boss who sold us the trip. On our contract it was written only one boat trip, and not the two trips he told us about showing a big poster in the hotel lobby. Fucked - yes.

Instead of Titop beach it was some early Tigers on the beach before travelling back to the Honda City (Hanoi). We used the stop at the 'factoly' only as a peestop.
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