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Good morning Vietnam
2001-05-27 14:40:00
Well, what to say ? Vietnam is a country most of us western people associate with the war against USA. Here you will be enriched with more information.
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After some days with acclimations in Bangkok we were ready for Vietnam. After nearly to hours in an airplane equipped for transporting small people and not Nordic giants we arrived at Hanoi Airport. We thought the temperature in Bangkok was hot with high humidity. Inside the old terminal building it was even hotter. In a short moment we thought this was hell.... Outside we got a taxi with A/C form Vietnam Airlines. A helpful guy came a long, and he was very helpful in finding us an ok hotel. As a big surprise this hotel also arranged tours. We checked the rooms, calculated the prices on the room and tour to Halong Bay, and it was an offer we could not resist. It was a bargain. Finally we had met someone we could trust.

After checking in at the hotel we went to exchange some Dongs (to Odd: not condoms, but the currency in Vietnam). Trying to find some place to eat, Lars suddenly understood what he had read in the Lonely Planet: From Ho Chi Minh to the Honda Dream. The streets were full of Honda motorcycles. It was no light signals or stop signs, and they drove on all sides of the road in all directions. It was simply no rules, but still a subtle system, which is hard for western people to understand. This people have really understood traffic, not like sweet Norway with social democratic rules for everything, not even understanding why we have the rules.

After a short while we found a restaurant advised by The Lonely Planet - Little Hanoi 2, only western people, we where safe. It was so nice to come inside a place to relax. Outside we had been the main attraction, even though the street already looked like a giant parade. If someone have ever read the book about Gulliver, they would know the sensation.

When talking about restaurants, you should only use western like ones if you really need too. You should in a way look at it as a safe harbour, because when it comes to what you get for what kind of money to which taste, nothing compares to Vietnamese restaurants. The food is really good, and the price is ridiculous. Beer gives you only one option in Hanoi, and that is Tiger. There are also some small eating-places where cooking and serving is on the sidewalks. Here you could eat and drink for a even more ridiculous price, but we never try this because of our delicate tummies.
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