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The Grand Palace cont.
2001-05-25 11:43:00
The buildings are richly decorated with ornaments and mosaic, and is really something to be seen.
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Eventhough most of the buildings are guarded by nice or enormous guards, they just faded compared to the Giants from the north. Bjørn even had to help to hold one of the monuments, though it seemed that one of the oldies where slipping the grip.

Another beautiful building, the Chakri Maha Prasat Hall, is where the King once used to live. Today it is only parts of the building beeing used officially. It is installed a weapons museum on the groundfloor and on the third floor they keep the ashes of the previous cremated Kings. The building is of course decorated with beautiful details, and eventhough it is high up and hardly visible for anyone, it is still there.

Another funny detail, is the house the King used as an entrance to get up on an elephant. As you can see from the picture it looks like a modern McDrive, you just parke the elephant outside, and the King walks on.

Inside the palace area is a complete miniature model of the great complex Angkor Wat. This enourmous tempel resides in Cambodia today, but was once the property of Thailand, and King Rama IV had it buildt in remembrance. We are really looking forward to see this complex live when entering Cambodia at the end of our journey.
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