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Another day in Bankok
2001-05-24 12:46:00
The flower marked in Bankok is just amazing, and none of us have ever seen so many flowers in one place before.
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The weather in Bangkok is very unpredictible, and for Norwegians it is a little bit similar to Bergen. Before you even know it, it just starts to rain. It is just to look for shelter and run.

Between the warm showers of rain, we managed to take a trip to the flower marked in Bangkok, and it was just overwhelming. Flowers everywhere, roses in portions of 50-100 wrapped in newspaper, and then a lot of them again. The local flowershop in our hometown would most probably buy one of these each day.

Beeing a tourist in a new and unexplored country, one of course look for safe harbours from time to time, and whenever there is a Hard Rock Cafe around, you sort of know what you are going to get. Yep, we know it is sort of chicken attitude, but nevertheless it is nice to not have to think and evaluate all the time.

After having some nice food, we where quite amazed to see that the Thai people even think about big Norwegians when designing benches. This bench perfectly fitted Bjørn and Hege, and we just had to provide a photo. Not too much down here that is oversized.

Asia is of course pretty oriented around Buddhism, but things seems to be going a little bit astray compared to the teachings of Gautam Buddha. You can for instance for a small amount of Bhats, the local currency, have a electronic device from the middle of the western sixties give you a flashing light number to guide you to your right fortune card. It's just beautiful, and of course you are utterly filled with the meditative blissfull state of Buddha - Not. We also looked at the biggest 'pure' gold Buddha statue in the world, and we all had the temptation to throw a coin at it to hear wether it was solid or not. We are not used to solid statues having signs of welding around. It might be solid, but it was nevertheless a tourist trap.

Eventhough one just walks around looking at things, it is quite exhausting. Especially for people from up north, who are not used to temperatures and humidity like this. So, coming back to the hotel is a relief, and that is absolutely not the same as saying that it's been something else than a fulfilling day. Nothing is better than relaxing in a comfortable sofa or chair with a cold Singha and a cigarette, especially when the figure is so nice too.

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