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Shopping, Tuk Tuk and Pat Pong
2001-05-21 00:59:00
Hege, ditto and Maia had the great sensation of the REAL shopping Groove, and they had observed some nice shopping malls.
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For us coming from Trondheim in mid Norway, there is only one shopping mall - City Syd. It is known as the biggest mall in Norway, but too be totally honest it looks like a kiosk compared too the ones down here They are huge, and due to the overwhelming size and all the goods they provide, the girls went straight into an apathic state. After two hours of intense shopping, this was the total catch. The boys were a little afraid of the money consumption, and the relief was great when we realized that they hadn't spent more money than we had spent on Singha, the very tasty local brew.

In the search for shopping we tried to ask some local Tuk Tuk drivers and they were more then willing to take us, the only problem were that they took us to the factoly (a place where the made dresses in silk and other clothes) and the jewelery shop, probably their friends. We were also helped by a person that said he 'worked' for Thai airways, and he new all the good places for shopping, and of course he had two Tuk Tuk’s waiting for us, tricked again. One thing was the bad shopping but the wild driving and total lack of safety was even worse, we were three people in a small Tuk Tuk and when we took a turn we almost tilted. We do not recommend this kind of transport at all. And as we experienced more than once it’s not possible to trust anyone in this city. We learned the hard way that the best thing was to take a taxi and tell the driver to go on meter.

We had really been looking forward to the well known Ping-Pong shows on the Pat Pong street, and we where all excited. The truth is there seem to be no such thing. In the different places we checked out, we were told that the 'show' would start in just three minutes, and yeah, yeah. No show, no fun. Pat Pong is a complete disaster, and doesn't earn its reputation at all. It's complete and utter bullshit. End of story. (We have now all recovered well).

The marked on Pat Pong street however is intense and fun. Here you find copies of all well known brands, and you will have to bargain as hell. Normal discount from initial price should minimum be around 60%. We bought some nice Foakley sunglasses, and also some Fag Heuer watches. Original of course.
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