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One night in Bangkok
2001-05-21 00:58:00
After shaking off the first shock from the heat and tense humidity in the airport, we where transported by Scanlink to our hotel The Montien Riverside.
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The hotel Montien Riverside was a pretty high class hotel, with all the facilities one can ask for. After signing in, we put our backpack in the rooms, very nice ones too, had a good shower, a nice meal and then we headed down to the centrum.

The hotel provided free transport down to the city, in one of the many Toyota Hiace like limousines. We walked down the (in)famous Pat Pong street at daytime, and we where told that it first opened at seven o’clock in the evening. That was quite understandable, because the street looked very ordinary and mundane. Nothing too see, nothing too whatch.

After walking around for some time, we ended up at TGI Friday’s, and my God what kind of drinks they serve there. A place we really can recommend, and the only thing that brings the total impression down a little bit, was the very false birthday song provided by the staff. One off the staff members talked to Odd about Norway and the midnight sun, but Odd was sure she talked about Minnesund and her husband there (with ref. to the ultimate Bloody Mary's). The bartender Mr. Pat Cruise made the movie Cockthai look pretty bad, he made the best drinks in Bangkok as far as we know.
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