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First flight to Copenhagen
2001-05-21 00:47:00
A small rendezvous with all but forgotten members of the family.
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The flight from Trondheim to Copenhagen was a shear joy, except being a little late due to some cleaning of a refrigerator. We will not go deeper into the details about whose refrigerator it is. Anyway, this caused a small delay after arriving in Copenhagen, due to having to check in again for the flight to Bangkok. Here we were wondering wether Odd had to check in another place than the rest of us.

Solveig and Jørn, the aunt and cousin of Maia showed up at the airport, nevertheless we arrived at 08.10 in the morning, and Maia had not seen them for over 10 years. After we had finally checked in for the flight to Bangkok, and enjoying a nice morning bear (In Danish: moren baier), we took a cab to Gitte's house, another cousin of Maia. Here we enjoyed the sightseeing of a very beautiful Danish home, and of course enjoyed some more beers.

The flight for Bangkok departed at 14.30, but was one hour late. We were of course at the airport at the right time, and had to wait over there eating marshmallows and of course some one took a little nap. We where anyway definitely on our way to an exciting four weeks in Asia, and in fact only 10 and a half hour away from the first destination, Bangkok.
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